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India is a country full of colors and ethnicity. A variety of arts and crafts make the character of India. Regional variety and long-established traditions reflect in the fine-arts, handicrafts and other cultural art forms of different regions of the country. Rural India has especially been instrumental in preserving them. Traditional Indian arts Kaatha work from Kutch in Gujarat, Mithila Paintings from Madhubani in Bihar, Kanchipuram Sarees from South India, Bamboo crafts from Sonitpur in Assam and many such products and artifacts are now in the commercial stream and are waiting for opportunities to grow further.

Quiver Infoservices Ltd. in technical and conceptual level understanding with Microsoft has developed an online e-commerce portal called - DrishteeHaat. This endeavor of Quiver along with Drishtee Development and Communication Limited. is based on a value-chain concept where the whole focus is to replace the traditional chain of selling products. The unreasonable domination of these middlemen on the artisans would find its exit route by the addition of the web portal http://www.drishteehaat.com. DrishteeHaat brings in the maximum value to the lowest level of the chain. This web portal is trying to establish a relationship of the buyers with each artisan or craftsman behind the product. This interface also displays the artisan profile and the description of the relic submitted on the portal. This helps the buyer learn more about the artifacts and the artisans both, and on the other hand, the feedbacks and requests of the buyers bring in more knowledge into the system about the demand and interests of the market.

The DrishteeHaat concept is a novel way to showcase the artworks of some of the rare and precious art forms from rural India. DrishteeHaat is an online store for rural artisans to showcase their products to those who appreciate art in its natural form. These artisans (mostly women) are from the lowest income starta of rural India. Most of them have found the medium of web marketing as their last hope to come out of clutches of intermediaries to make their work of art speak for itself. At DrishteeHaat artisans are spurred to express their true artistic talents and to give wings to their creativity. DrishteeHaat is an honest effort to combine social objectives with quality driven marketing standards. It is an initiation of Quiver Infoservices Ltd. with the core vision of creating a bridge between buyers and the many talented artisans across the length and breadth of rural India.

the Artisans:

  • A cost-effective reach to a ready and responsive market
  • An association with the DrishteeHaat channel for continuous value assessment and growth of their art
  • Earnings to match the value of their art and efforts
  • Recognition as an artisan or artist

the Drishteehaat Buyers:

  • An original artifact or art design or product done by the artisans and artists traditionally involved in the work
  • A contribution to DrishteeHaat’s social entrepreneurial endeavor of inclusion of wider artisan communities through ICTs
  • An association with the DrishteeHaat channel for continuous value assessment and growth of their art

the Kiosk Owners:

  • A value preposition to offer Income generating services to the artisan groups of the region, especially located in the same village/ Panchayat
  • Role play of a real-time Social Enterprise unit
  • Acting as an Information and capacity building or training resource point for the Artisans

Quiver along with Drishtee Development and Communication Limited. focuses on building the capacity of its Kiosk Owners to enable them handle the Quality and Procurement front end as well as become the Information Link of the local rural artisans adding value to their products and also opening up wider markets for their cost-effective and easy access.

http://www.drishteehaat.com is a one-stop-shop for everyone who wants to add a fragrance of India in their own life and/or contribute to adding value to the process chain and development of the artisans. It offers the colors of the real India on a price which seems to be a bargain vis--vis the keepsake one will own. By possessing a Drishteehaat.com product one can become a proud owner of a part of rural India.

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