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Quiver celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Dussehra, by organizing the “Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Award.” more...

CEEP Independence Month more...

“GYAN SUTRA” A contest which had mission to spread education to one and all. more...

Ceep- Centre for Education & Entrepreneurship Programme the education division of Quiver Infoservices Ltd aims to spread the light of knowledge in every household of Rural India. In today's times, one cannot imagine life without computers. However, of the 70 % of the Indian population who reside in rural areas, there are people who have never even seen a computer, leave alone worked on one. They are completely alienated away from fast pace of the upcoming technologies. This dichotomy has reaffirmed our conviction about spreading computer literacy down to the grass root level. CEEP, Centre for Education & Entrepreneurship Programme, with a team of focused motivated individuals, has been able to build appropriate course material that aims to impart computer skills as well as employment, within a very short time frame, offering economic prices to the students of all income groups. The unique feature of this computer education is the focused approach i.e. on completion of this programme, the students, armed with computer knowledge and their course completion certificates shall be able to setup their own businesses or find competitive jobs in the market. The underprivileged in India have realized the vast potential the computers hold for social and economic development. The mindset is evolving. Slowly and gradually, this silent computer revolution will take India towards an empowered nation status and CEEP is in the process of laying the foundation for that day. It is no longer a mission impossible!

In addition to Computer literacy programme, we have also managed to successfully establish ourselves as Spoken English training center with over 600 students enrolled over the past 1 year. Commonly known as STEP- Step towards English Proficiency, it is a training and testing package of English Communication with special focus on speaking skills. STEP has been launched by CEEP keeping in view the growing demand of English in all the educational and professional areas.

STEP has been specially designed for the needs of the Indian learners at a basic level of English proficiency. Young students of school or college level, housewives, job-seekers or even the kids can register for STEP because of its flexible structure and relevant training methodology.

It relates the candidates with very suitable content and easy to understand study instructions. Overall focus on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking covers all the gaps in anyone's Communication abilities. STEP covers all these gaps for the takers.

STEP on one hand, tells the Beginner - how to speak in English, what are the ways and how one should write good English; on the other hand it trains the Learners for better communication, on writing with least grammatical hiccups and how to make better impact while speaking.

Learning is a new experience at STEP with exposure to Multi-media based audio-visual kits, customized work sheets and trained Faculties.

The course also provides a STEP certificate for the advantage of recognition in the world of competition.

Till now CEEP has trained more than 5000 students in the states of Assam, Haryana, U.P and Bihar and we are now spreading our mission to the states of Tamil Nadu and Orissa.

Way to go ahead...

In addition to providing the current services in the villages, we aim to establish ourselves as a Multi level vocational training and Career-counseling center.

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