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Quiver celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Dussehra, by organizing the “Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Award.” more...

CEEP Independence Month more...

“GYAN SUTRA” A contest which had mission to spread education to one and all. more...

The purpose of this pilot project that is being carried out in a small village named 'SAURATH' in Madhubani district of Bihar is to understand and learn the potentiality, problems and business dynamics on BPO services through piloting. It has a vision to generate employment for local educated youths as-well-as to help develop a sustainable business model that can be scalable and replicable in other parts of rural India.

To achieve the desired objective, the above needs a project based approach comprising of survey activity, capacity-building activity, BPO training centre & BPO Center setup and pilot-testing activity, with prime focus on piloting and understanding to develop the desired business model for the rural BPO services. more...

Quiver's healthcare initiative is aptly named as IRH through ICT (Integrated Rural Healthcare & services through Information Communication & Technologies. This initiative is committed to ensure sustainable Healthcare through subscription, preventive health checkups & services for villagers in India. Surveys conducted by Drishtee, our primary partner, to study the medical expenses met by individual households. Analysis of the surveyed data has revealed that around 60% of households in each income segment consider their monthly medical expenses as "Medium" or "High". The high medical cost signifies the need for feasible and workable solution which can considerably reduce the medical cost of rural people as well as provide better services. This health initiative aims to reduce the medical costs incurred by villagers during illness.more...

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